Monday, March 7, 2016

First Birthday Celebrations!

So we did a lot of celebrating in the month of February!  I love birthdays and tend to over-celebrate according to Ben, haha!  We had two birthday parties for the girls but I will post about them later when I get the pictures. 

To start the celebrating, I took off on the girls' birthday and Ben took a half day so we could do something with them.  Because of the cold weather and nap schedule, we really didn't have many choices so we ended up checking out a place near us called The Swellness Center.  The Swellness Center is like an indoor play area.  It's unlimited time and they have tons of stuff for kids to do.  Toys, cars, slides, play houses, art & craft supplies, etc.  They also have a infant room with toys and mats for little babies.  The girls seemed to like it but I really think they were kind of in between everything.  They were too big for the infant toys but too little for the toddler toys.  Regardless, they had fun crawling around the gigantic room.

After naptime we went out for an early dinner at Uno's and ended up running into the girls' babysitter.  She was really excited to see them on their birthday since they weren't in daycare that day.  The girls were great at dinner and we planned on having cupcakes when we got home but they ended up falling asleep so we saved the cupcakes and presents for the next day.

They loved their cupcakes!

We got them each a personalized book about a little girl who is missing her name and goes on an adventure to find it.  Check out Lost My Name!

We also got them each a Taggie stuffed animal since they like rubbing tags.  Once spring starts, we're going to take them to a gym class since they love to climb!

We really enjoyed getting to celebrate their first birthday with them!  More celebration pictures to come!



  1. The play center looks like fun! Selah and I will have to check it out when she gets older. Have you been to Storyville yet? I definitely want to check that out... I think it's free. (Part of Baltimore County Public Libraries...)

    1. Yes, I've heard of that place too! I want to try it out this summer once they're both better walkers. We should go!