Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Hallowee!

Happy Halloween!  I have always loved Halloween and thinking of the perfect costume to make.  Yes, I said make.  I can't remember a costume that we bought for me to wear...either my mom or my dad made it with me!  I can't wait to do that with our kids when they get a little older!  Baby costumes are just easier to buy, haha.  I am already thinking of what cute costumes the girls can wear next year!

We don't celebrate Halloween at school anymore :( but we did have a "Fall into Words" parade which just happened to fall on Halloween.  Students and staff dress up and wear a word to describe their costume.  The first grade team were minions again and we were a huge hit with the kids!

Funny story about my costume...the overalls were HUGE on me last year so I didn't bother trying them on this year, assuming they would fit.  So at 8:30am (kids come at 9:10) I put them on and realized they did NOT go over my belly!  Luckily I realized there were buttons on the side of the overalls so I was able to fit into them after undoing two buttons on either side.  That's what I get for assuming!

Now it is November, one of the best months out there!  I told Ben that my birthday month started today so he better get ready!  19 days and counting..... :)  Happy November!

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