Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy birthday Riley!

Today we celebrated our furbaby's 4th birthday!!!  We got Riley a month after we were married and we can't believe she's four!  She brings us so much joy and makes us smile every day!  To celebrate, Riley enjoyed a nice long nap on the couch while we were at work.  Then she posed in a birthday hat for me (while trying to take it off at the same time), and did a fantastic "leave it" with her birthday cookie so I could snap some pictures!  Her human grandparents got her some delicious birthday cookies and bully sticks, which she enjoyed chewing on this evening.  Happy birthday Riles!!!

Waiting for her birthday breakfast!


She did not like the birthday hat at all.


But she was so adorable!


Ben helped me torture her.


Wanting her cookie so so badly!


"Where's the rest of them mom?"

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