Saturday, April 20, 2013

Insulation and Drywall

Wow, I hadn't realized I hadn't updated in two weeks!!!  But I promise, I was busy!  Two weeks ago, I was doing lots of interviews for school next year.  Don't worry, I still have a job, but my school is losing a few positions and one of the perks of being one of the newest teachers is that I get surplused.  What that means is that I will probably be at a different school next year.  But over the summer, people get transferred so I may get to go back to Elkridge.  Which is what I am hoping since I LOVE my school!  Fingers crossed and prayers said!  Anyways, I spent the week doing interviews with other schools and it was a looooonnnggg week.  Then last week, was a normal week so I guess I don't have a good excuse.  But here I am and I have pictures to make up for my absence!

So last week, I stopped by the house on my way to bible of the perks of our new neighborhood is that our good friends, David & Melissa, live there and host bible study so we get to see the house every week!  And soon, bible study will be a pleasant walk over instead of a drive!  Ben had to work late and couldn't be there with me.  I walked in the house and noticed it was considerably warmer then usual...and then I noticed we had insulation!  It looked like the whole house was done.  Since I was late for study, I quickly walked around and took pictures.  I know insulation isn't super exciting but it was fun to see the next step of our house being done!

Here is the garage with insulation.

Side picture of the garage.

I found a To-Do list in the garage.  Not sure if this was a pre-inspection list or things they found in the inspection.  I also don't understand it, haha.

One of my favorite rooms...the kitchen!

Family room

I think this was one of the upstairs bedrooms.

When Ben had the first meeting last week, the builder showed him where the carpet and hardwood would meet.

They unwrapped the fireplace.

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Front of the house with the little porch!

Then this past Monday, I was eating lunch with my coworkers and one of them (who lives in the next neighborhood) said, "I walked over to your house yesterday and the drywall looks great!"  I said, "We have drywall?!?" So between Thursday night and Monday morning, they had put drywall in!  Again, we didn't get to see the house until Thursday but it looks more and more like a house each time!  Next come the cabinets!  When we got there, the garage door was in (yay!) but it was closed so we couldn't get in!  Ben hoisted himself up on the stoop and the front door was open so we climbed in that way, haha.



Hallway into the powder room and the closet on the left.

Our garage door!  The posts that are on the floor are for the front porch.

Kitchen!  Isn't my pantry amazing!?  I love that it's right in the kitchen...easy access!

Family room

Gas line for the stovetop.

I didn't even notice this...Ben pointed out that the mantle was up!

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Closet...don't worry, it's bigger than it looks.

Shower stall...I think the gray stuff is some kind of waterproofing thing for the tile.

One of the bedrooms.

Ben checking out the designated outlet for our future freezer that is in the wrong place.  

Everytime we go we are so excited and blessed to see the progress on our house.  Hopefully we are in the two month stretch now!

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  1. It's moving along so quickly!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! :)