Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a weekend!!

Last weekend was very busy for us!  Ben texted me during the day, asking if I wanted to go on a date with him.  I said yes of course and tried to figure out what we were doing all day.  Ben showed up after work with tickets to the Redskins vs. Bills preseason game!!  A friend at his work gave him the tickets.  We both love the Redskins so we hopped in the car and sped on over to the game.  Even though the starters only played the first quarter, they still won,, 42-17!!  Hopefully the new coach and quarterback will make winning a priority this year!  Below is a picture of us...5 rows from the field!!

Riley had a busy weekend as well....a lot of firsts!  Saturday started out with her first visit to the veterinarian.  She did great and no shots this time!  She was able to get her suture out from her spay and now we can play with her all we want since that is healed.  She gained 2 pounds in one week!!  She also had her first visit to Ben's parents house to meet Kevin, who just came home from Texas, and the family dog, Brady.  Brady gave her one sniff and walked off...he could've cared less, haha.  But we had a good time that night seeing his family.   Riley also had her first bath on Sunday and now smells a lot better than she did!  She tried to get out of the tub some but didn't go too crazy.  However, she did not like the hair dryer and tried to run away from it!

Last night, I got to spend some quality time with my mom!  Now that we live farther away, its harder to get together, but when we do, we have a good time together.  We hit up the Annapolis mall and had dinner!  It was great getting to spend time with her.

Until next time!!!

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